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Partnering with a PEO During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on nearly every industry, causing many businesses troubles staying afloat. It hasn’t been easy keeping employees at work, let alone keeping them safe or productive. These are challenges that haven’t been seen before from a human resources perspective. With laws changing, policies changing, partnering with a PEO makes even more sense now to help sort through them, and give you the time to keep your business running during these uncertain times.

Partnering with a PEO

Human Resources or Employee Relations

Partnering with a PEO during a pandemic such as COVID-19 makes good business sense. By doing this, you gain access to a full service HR department that is up to date on the new and changing employment laws, and are able to identify ways to help you streamline your HR. They have the experience to handle the demands, and data no matter how quickly it changes.

Reduced Liability

If we know anything about this pandemic, is that things are changing constantly. Having a PEO on your side helps you to navigate through these new and changing employment laws while helping minimize the risks of costly compliance violations. All this is done while protecting both your employees and your company.

Cost Saving Benefit

Many have seen business drop drastically. Saving money is a top priority for everyone. A PEO can help business owners make money saving decisions for both the long and short term.

Find New Employees

There are many reasons your business could be looking to add new talent during this time. A PEO is the perfect match to help you recruit the perfect addition to your team. Save yourself the time and money and let them do it for you.

Take the guess work out of your legal and regulatory obligations, and reduce liability by letting Howard Employee Services be your HR department.

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What Benefits Will a PEO Offer My Small Business?

Benefits Will a PEO Offer My Small BusinessThere are many benefits to having a PEO manage the day to day tasks for a small business. Many small businesses are owner operated, meaning the owner is on site, performing many of the tasks it takes to make the business run, so there isn’t much time left over to handle payroll and human resource functions. When you hire a PEO they take care of all of that, or only some portions of it you want. Let’s see what benefits a PEO will offer your small business.

Howard Employee Services offers:

  • Payroll Administration
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Filing

Because we offer this all under one roof you no longer need to worry about paying your employees on time. We also make sure that taxes are being withheld accurately. We take care of making sure that sick, and vacation days are accounted for, for each and every employee. Outsourcing these functions are a key benefit to hiring a PEO.

Hiring a PEO takes away the hassle of having to worry about dealing with Workers Compensation claims. We handle it all for you. We identify and help to mitigate that risk before it happens. We can also handle the claims and aim for quicker resolution, with the main goal for these claims being to lessen the cost.

Employees care about benefits, often times more than their hourly wages. Many business owners don’t have the time to shop around to find the best benefits available. Having a Sarasota PEO company like Howard Employee Services to do this for you saves you both time and money, and gives you happy healthy employees.

At Howard Employee Services, our PEO services can provide you with the services you need saving you the time and expense of you doing it yourself. If you’re ready to learn how we can help you outsource your employee administration, contact us today!

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Attract Top Talent – Happy and Healthy Employees

Attract Top Talent It’s challenging to attract top talent for many companies. It’s important to have a competitive benefits package. Happy and healthy employees are good for business. It’s proven that employee benefits improve loyalty which reduces employee turnover, which will then reduce money spent in training and therefore increases productivity.

Today potential employees are looking for flexibility. Work/life balance is one of the top things they are looking for. That is one thing that employers can’t overlook when putting together their benefits package. This might include the ability to work remotely, or having flexible office hours which can reduce the amount of time spent sitting in traffic.

Vacation packages and paid time off are important as well. Some companies are offering unlimited vacation time. This option isn’t for everyone, but it might be one that your company just can’t overlook if you wish to stay competitive.

Flexible Spending Accounts or 125 Cafeteria Plans are important as well. These are reimbursement plans that allow employees to contribute a certain amount of their gross income to designated accounts before taxes are calculated. These accounts can be used for insurance, medical expenses, or day care expenses.

With a much more diverse workforce, employers can’t have a one size fits all approach when it comes to a benefits package when trying to attract top talent. Stipends or year-end bonuses which fit work related growth interests to individuals might be attractive to potential employees.

Your benefits package will help you to support your strategies to attract top talent, at the same time as retaining these top employees. At Howard Employee Services, we handle all the aspects of a benefits package; this includes researching plans, enrolling employees, handling the payroll deduction and the insurance premium payment. You select which benefits you want to offer, and we handle the rest! See what Howard Employee Services has to offer here.

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What Is A PEO, Can it Help Your Small Business?

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization. A PEO can help your small business by doing various functions such as payroll, benefits, employer related administrative functions such as 401k and health benefits. This allows the employer to focus more on the employee and the daily business needs. These are some of the things that a PEO can do for your small business.

What Is A PEO


PEO’s can offer better benefits packages when they pool together with their partnered employees, allowing better rates for dental, health and vision. They also allow you to offer your employees better life insurance options, flexible spending accounts, and 401k plans.




Keeping up with tax codes can be a full time job itself. When you hire a PEO, they do all the tax work for you! Not only that, but when tax season comes around they take care of that paperwork as well.

Workers Compensation

Would you know how to file a workers compensation claim? Or what to do if you had to file discrimination claim? When you have a PEO working for you, all of your employee’s concerns and injures are addressed timely and lawfully.

Recruitment and Hiring

PEO’s can even recruit new hires for your company. You can decide just how much of the responsibility you want them to take on. They can run the ad, they can run the interview, it’s all up to you.

PEO’s don’t take over the running of your business, that’s still up to you. They do take many of the responsibilities regarding the paperwork and filing of it. It is still up to the business owners to run the business and the day to day operations.

Hiring a PEO might be the best thing for your business, giving business owners more time to run their business. Now that you know more about them and what they do, if you think it’s for you, give Howard Employee Services a call at 941-922-0202


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The Benefits of Outsourcing Employee Benefits

Outsourcing Employee BenefitsThe increasing complexity of managing employee benefits efficiently and in a cost effective manner has led today’s smart small business owner to consider outsourcing employee benefits. This is not a decision that should be made without knowing all the advantages and disadvantages that come with either managing benefits internally versus externally. Today we are going to explore the various benefits a business owner can expect from outsourcing employee benefits.

Outsourcing Employee Benefits Saves Time

Internal HR departments may be highly specialized on employee relationship management but when it comes to managing various external companies that come with benefits management they may be a little out of their leagues. This is a hundred times truer if the current benefits manager is not a dedicated person and more of an employee who wears many hats. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to creeping time costs as external companies change their prices, policies, and various segments that go with their employee benefits offering. Between medical benefits, disability, insurance, and payroll changes it is easy for a human resources department to quickly find itself threading waters to keep up with increasing demands.

Keeping up with Government Regulations

There are various governmental agencies, departments and even regulatory boards that deal with employee benefits management. Between the American with Disabilities Act directives, the Affordable Care Act regulatory requirements, and the Family Medical Leave Act mandates there are an increasing amount of regulations to stay current with when it comes to managing employee needs. Outsourcing employee benefits has the added benefit of having a dedicated team of experts whose sole job is to make sure you are in compliance with the various regulatory bodies of the government. State and federal instruments both have different requirements when it comes to employee benefits.

Reduce Financial Liabilities

Benefits administrative dedicated companies have the added advantages of dealing with benefit providers, such as various insurance companies, on a higher financial level. This leads to various discounts based on the volume and business relationship with different benefit providers. These discounts are in turn passed unto to you in the form of multiple administrative companies vying for your business. The cost savings add up with the time savings from your HR department having to handle the various segments of benefits administration.

Give Howard Employee Services a call today at 941-922-0202 or send us a quick message for more information on how we can help your company in outsourcing employee benefits!

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New Research Shows Happy Workers are Productive Workers

A happy workersnew study from the Social Market Foundation says it has proof that happy workers are indeed productive workers! For the longest time corporate culture mostly prioritized a high-pressure, take-no-prisoners culture to maximize financial success. This approach appeared to produce the best results as direct correlation between effort and results could be more easily measured.

New research by the Social Market Foundation and the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy that included over 700 workers appears to disprove these old misconceptions about worker productivity. The old adage of push them harder, for more results simply yields marginal results when it comes to overall worker productivity.  It is the go-to method because it is often times a lot easier to track and show results based on effort.

On average the old motivational workplace methods proved to show a 3% increase in employee productivity. The experiment consisted of showing a 10-minute comedy clip or providing snacks and drinks to random employees. This latter method showed a 12% minimum and up to 20% maximum increase in productivity following the above motivational methods!

This holiday season employers consider what kind of bonus or holiday snacks to bring into the office. How much of the budget should be spent on non-work related activities to increase worker happiness. This study may provide proof that this method of employee appreciation indeed leads to measurable productive results.

One needs to consider a mix of both short-term and long-term incentives to keep current and future employees stimulated to perform their best. Long term incentives include benefits such as medical and dental coverage, life insurance and others.

Howard Employee Services provides employee benefits in the Sarasota area as part of its employee services to companies that may not otherwise have access to such benefits for their employees.

Give Howard Employee Services a call today at 941-922-0202 or send us an email for more information on how we can help your company properly incentivize its employees too!

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